Gábor Géczy-Szilágyi alias SZIKO was born in 1968, has been doing professional photography since 1989 based in Budapest, Hungary. Most recent clients include magazines, record companies, model agencies and corporate clients, such as: COSMOPOLITAN, EMI, GRAPHISOFT, MAX MAGAZINE, MERCEDES-BENZ, MEXX, PLAYBOY, PORSCHE HUNGARIA, SONY MUSIC, TRIUMPH, UNIVERSAL MUSIC, WARNER MUSIC

Souvenir at the Gallery ForX, Budapest, Hungary, 1994
Souvenir at the Gallery Szín Folt, Kaposvár, Hungary,1995
KOR-KÉP at the Gallery Of Contemporary Art, Kecskemét, Hungary, 2004
Conditiones Et Cohaerenciae at the Gallery At The Diamonds Exchange,
Budapest, Hungary, 2004
Conditiones Et Cohaerenciae at the Budapest Congress Centre,
Budapest, Hungary, 2005

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